Producing for the known unknowns; he's the man behind the music, Tunez. The 26-year-old artist was born in England and spent most of his time in Hawaii. Having an ear for music since he was young, he became more inclined to make his way into the music scene. In 2006, Tunez originally started producing music. Furthermore, he started writing rhymes in 2009. The young mogul has a distinctive sound when it comes to music. Being that Tunez was raised around the world, his music stems from various cultural experiences, relationships and hardships. Tunez is always eager to find any way to improve as an artist. What better way than to write rhymes and spill a mental image over tracks he either produces or can't leave off of a playlist. Tunez only knows one way to steer the mic and that's to subdue every beat he comes in contact with. He emits charm and charisma on wax and in person. His versatility is one of his best weapons. Through his dedicated wordplay, Tunez uses hip-hop as a platform to enlighten and empower the community. "I'd love to unify those who doubt hip-hop as a whole.; sculpt a new age of art if you will. I've always been instrumental throughout my life. I look forward to inspiring others through music."